The India Saga: According to Nav Brar, a renowned makeup artist, having a good social media game is vital
June 28, 2022

The India Saga:
According to Nav Brar, a renowned makeup artist, having a good social media game is vital

The India Saga:

For the most part, social media is a vague phrase that can mean different things depending on who you ask. But there is one point on which everyone agrees: it is about images. It may not have been that way from the start, but it has gotten that way in recent years. A picture of how we want our lives to be.

A makeup artist offers the same services, but in a more concrete form. A more accurate representation of who we are or want to be.

Instagram, in particular, is an excellent visual tool for a Makeup Artist to showcase not just to their finest work, but also their own business page, which allow customer and prospective customers to see your sources of inspiration, the beauty products you use, as well as how individuals work, so they can gain knowledge what to anticipate and reserve you for their makeup application needs.

As we speak to some of the eminent members in this industry enquiring about how make up artists can leverage social media. We stumbled upon a celebrity makeup artist, Ms Nav Brar is a skilled makeup artist who has mastered the art of combining elegance, timelessness, and sophistication in her work. Even though she has an LLM degree from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, her passion and love for beauty has taken her far. Her art and aesthetic embrace the transformational potential of cosmetics, not just in terms of how people seem, but also in terms of how they feel.

She shared her knowledge with us. “One of the most popular social media identities, with a significant following, is beauty influencers and make-up artists. It’s not only about the number of followers; it’s also about the reach that social media affords makeup artists, as well as the opportunity to meet and convert potential customers. However, it is not as straightforward as it looks. You’ll need a strategy, time, and, most importantly, consistent efforts to reap the full benefits of social media for acquiring clients and building your business.”

Some of the tips she explained to us for acing this social media game were-

1.Plan your feed and imagine it also – It’s all about the look. And as a makeup artist, this is crucial to keep in mind. When someone clicks on your profile, the first thing they see is your feed. You may construct different patterns by posting photographs in a specific order.

2.Bring out your unique style – When a new user arrives on your page, the idea is to give them a reason to stay and follow/subscribe. Part of this will be determined by how you show your artwork, as well as the style and design of your company profile.

3.Quality is essential not quantity – Humans have a natural tendency to believe that the more employment you have on your internet portfolio, the better. This isn’t always the case. Although you must be active on social media and provide material on a regular basis, it is critical that the content highlights your job in the best possible light. It’s all about the quality!

4.Interact with your audience – If you are just posting your work and the audience or the followers out there have no involvement or a platform to interact then the whole purpose is destroyed. It’s essential to regularly involve and talk to them through various formats.

5.Consistency is the key – Maintaining a regular posting schedule is critical to your success. You may lose followers and attention if you offer outstanding material and then disappear for a few weeks. Nothing is more frustrating than putting in a lot of effort just to have it squandered due to inconsistency!

She concluded it by saying”Always be loyal to yourself and your passion. As a makeup artist, your objective should not just be to be brilliant at what you do, but also to develop long-lasting and meaningful connections with your customers.”

Nav Brar, one of Punjab’s top make-up artists, was drawn to the industry from the start, attracted by brushes and makeup tools and how they might improve someone’s attractiveness.

She is noted for creating unique appearances for each bride, using a particular makeup technique to complement the bride’s attributes. As well as with her immaculate makeup methods, she is well-known for the personal service she gives to her clientele. Nav assures that once a bride picks her, she has many prep sessions with her.

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