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Women can learn makeup techniques in three hours at Nav Brar Studio and Makeup Academy’s online classes

ANI News:

If you are a working woman or a housewife looking to master the skills of make-up techniques, then you have to be in the company Nav Brar Studio and Makeup Academy for just three hours of online classes.

For the first time, and Makeup Academy have launched various online courses for the women and aspiring makeup artists, such as courses, airbrush courses, self-makeup courses, and masterclasses.

Founded by Nav Brar in Chandigarh in June 2019, the Nav Brar Studio and Makeup Academy boast a team of senior makeup artists and hairstylists. The studio and academy is delivering services for almost three years with high-end makeup brands, offering a wide range of services to cater to the varied requirements of its customers.

“Each makeup course comes with three hours of online classes via Zoom,” said Nav Brar, founder of Nav Brar Studio and Makeup Academy. “We will be teaching a super fresh and contemporary soft glam look with foxy eyeliner technique, which can be used for a bridal look for Rs 6,500. The classes are followed by 45 minutes of Q&A sessions. The aspirants completing the courses are given online certificates.”

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Lip Tips From The Best: Nav Brar

One India:

Great lips can set off your style, but what’s the best way to choose and apply lipstick or gloss? There are definitely a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to getting great looking lips. Nav has shared her secret and tips to achieve those perfectly looking lips. She thinks that what might look good on someone need not always look good on the other. People usually pick the wrong shade because of the lack of knowledge on colour theory and skin undertone. A wrong lip shade can make the face look pale or dull, hence selecting the right shade is essential. Especially when people choose to wear minimal makeup, they must choose the correct products.

Nav feels that it’s crucial to know your skin tone to do justice to any makeup product. If your skin tone is warm and you wear a cool undertone nude lip shade, it won’t blend with the skin, making the face look washed out and dull, hence the skin tone and lip colour undertone have to be in sync. Speaking of lipsticks, she talks about numerous textures – matte, creamy, glossy, satiny, velvet matte, powder and so on. Just like picking the right hue, picking the right texture is equally critical. This is because it gives you the freedom to pick a vibe for your look. Drab or fab – you decide. Nav says that all finishes look good so one can pick their preference, just assure that lips are well moisturized before applying any lip shade. If someone is very young a glossy finish will enhance their skin whereas a matte finish would make the face look a bit more mature. Nav suggests that someone with mature skin concerns like dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles should use something more hydrating satin or glossy on their lip as it will make the skin look more healthy and young.

She suggests that before applying your favourite lipstick, it’s very important to define the shape of your lips. And that can be done by using a good lip liner. A lip liner will not only define and reshape your lips but will also help you achieve a more defined, accurate and polished look. Choose the lip liner which matches the lipstick you decide to wear. Last but not least, use a small concealer brush and work on your edges to correct the shape of your lips. And if you want to give your lips that pouty look, you can add a hint of lip gloss.

So, now that you know how to apply lipstick perfectly, apply your favourite shade and splash some charming style.

Brains for Beauty: How Nav Brar is leading the change


She is known for customizing looks for each and every bride with her flawless makeup techniques

From always being fascinated by brushes and makeup products and how it can enhance someone’s beauty, one of Punjab’s leading make-up artists Nav Brar was inclined towards the field from the beginning. While she was doing LLM from University of Bristol, UK, she started working as a part-time makeup artist in London. This stint made her crystal clear about the path she should choose in her life.

After a masters in law degree, when she returned to India, she started her Instagram page to share pictures of friends and relatives whom she had dolled up for various occasions. From bridal to party and subtle makeup looks; she tried every other look that would grab eyeballs. In a matter of few days of posting these pictures, Nav started receiving calls of young brides who wanted to get their wedding make up done from her.

Since then, Nav has worked both nationally and internationally and there has been no looking back. “Besides India, most of my brides are from countries such as Canada, US, Australia and the UK. It is quite overwhelming to receive calls when brides want to book their wedding date according to my availability. Wedding day is the most special day in anyone’s life. Everybody wants to look their best. Therefore, if they trust your art, they are completely convinced to wait for you. Most of my international brides block my calendar 9 to 10 months in advance.”

The bridal look has undergone an overhaul. New-age make-up artists like Nav are the reason behind it. Ever since she started working in Punjab, she focused on the natural and contemporary looks in tune with the trend. She amps up the glam quotient of brides on their big day. “My work is all about balance and subtleness. In fact, taste of young brides is also growing towards natural makeup. Therefore, all my services such as air brush bridal make-up, pre bridal make-up, HD Make-up, party make-up, hair styling etc follow latest international trends,” says Nav, who has been featured as a makeup & beauty expert on the cover of reputable magazines.

She is known for customizing looks for each and every bride: A different makeup style each time to enhance the bride’s features. Along with her flawless makeup techniques, it is the special treatment given to the clients that makes her pretty popular. Once a bride chooses her, Nav makes sure that she holds multiple prep sessions with the bride.

The Statesman:
The famous among brides: NAV BRAR

The Statesman:

After completing her master’s degree in law, she came back to India and began posting her work on her Instagram page to showcase pictures of friends and families whom she had decked up for different events.

Nav Brar is not only a prominent makeup artist but a lifestyle influencer offering unparalleled advice to her clients when it comes to styling for their big day.

From constantly being captivated by glam and makeup products and how they can amplify someone’s elegance, one of Punjab’s famous make-up artists Nav Brar was keen to explore this field from the core. While she was pursuing LLM from the University of Bristol, UK, she began serving as a part-time makeup artist in London. This job compelled her to be crystal clear about the way she should decide in her life and was a starting point for her success story.

After completing her master’s degree in law, she came back to India and began posting her work on her Instagram page to showcase pictures of friends and families whom she had decked up for different events. From dolling you up on your D-day to doing party makeups and no makeup looks; she tried her hands on every other look that is ogle-worthy. In a couple of days of posting these pictures, she began taking appointments from young brides that were yearning to get dolled up by Nav. Since then, Nav has never looked back and has worked both nationally and internationally. Other than India, she has worked with brides from other countries such as Canada, the US, Australia and the UK. She feels blessed to receive calls from clients checking about her availability. Wedlock is an extensively exceptional day in anyone’s life. Everybody wishes to look the nicest of all. Accordingly, if you can count on her art, you are entirely certain to pause and wait for her.

The bridal makeover has endured a radical alteration. Contemporary make-up artists like Nav are the explanation behind it. Ever since she began using her magic in Punjab, she accentuated more simple and modern looks in harmony with the ongoing fashions. She raises the glam quotient of brides on their journey of love. Her profession needs equilibrium and subtleness. The zest of youthful brides is furthermore thriving towards realistic makeup. Consequently, all her services such as Airbrush bridal make-up, Pre-bridal make-up, HD Make-up, Party make-up, Hairstyling etc pursue the recent global trends. Her consistent endeavours made her get highlighted as a makeup & beauty expert on the cover of worthy journals.

She is perceived as an artist who believes in giving a personal touch to every bride. She prefers a unique makeup style each time to enhance the bride’s features. Along with her perfect makeup skills, it is the outstanding treatment provided to the clients that makes her exceptionally distinguished. Once a bride selects her, Nav makes it certain that she looks her best and wiggles everyone’s souls.

Outlook India:
One Of A Kind In Her Region: Nav Brar

Outlook India:

Nav Brar is known to bring out the best in you depending on what suits your personality the best and gives you the most elegant and classy look to steal everybody’s attention.

Nav Brar has become a sensation in the realm of make-up artistry and has given a new direction to the budding artists moving in. With the growing boost in requests for her appointments, she was determined to make a team that can assist her to deal with more clients. In June 2019, she launched her make up studio and academy: Nav Brar Studios & Makeup Academy, in Chandigarh region. The studio comprises a devoted team of senior make-up artists and hairstylists. Nav despised refusing her clients due to her prior booking. But her clients were always adamant to get her appointment in one way or the other. Consequently, she agreed to come up with a studio so that she could attend to all her clients. Moreover, her studio’s primary emphasis is to have a perfect solution for those who like to hold it real yet glam.

After working all over India for a few years, Nav understood that there isn’t any organization that educates modern makeup mastery. She commenced her make-up academy for those who were inclined to take make-up as a career and learn from the best. Though there are many makeup academies the locality requires the ones that could extend proficiency in the modern worldwide trends and products. She initiated delivering intensive professional makeup courses with decent talents and openness to excellent learning. Her professional make-up course comprises a lesser batch where beginners get hands-on experience and get a chance of everyday practice sessions. She gives personal guidance to all her students and helps them start their careers in the same field. Nav Brar has successfully acquired a diploma in cosmetology.

Nav Brar is known to bring out the best in you depending on what suits your personality the best and gives you the most elegant and classy look to steal everybody’s attention. Her experience has made her stand out and excel at what she does as she understands the difference between her clients and how to transform them into beautiful brides. She’s got a huge name in the industry as she is renowned for being a dedicated professional and proved herself every time by giving a stunning makeover to celebrities, brides, and models. The makeup style that she goes for is usually elegant and classy with innovative ideas to make you get the perfect glow. Be it an engagement look or your wedding day – she will definitely make you look the best be it any occasion. Book your appointment with her and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

The India Saga:
According to Nav Brar, a renowned makeup artist, having a good social media game is vital

The India Saga:

For the most part, social media is a vague phrase that can mean different things depending on who you ask. But there is one point on which everyone agrees: it is about images. It may not have been that way from the start, but it has gotten that way in recent years. A picture of how we want our lives to be.

A makeup artist offers the same services, but in a more concrete form. A more accurate representation of who we are or want to be.

Instagram, in particular, is an excellent visual tool for a Makeup Artist to showcase not just to their finest work, but also their own business page, which allow customer and prospective customers to see your sources of inspiration, the beauty products you use, as well as how individuals work, so they can gain knowledge what to anticipate and reserve you for their makeup application needs.

As we speak to some of the eminent members in this industry enquiring about how make up artists can leverage social media. We stumbled upon a celebrity makeup artist, Ms Nav Brar is a skilled makeup artist who has mastered the art of combining elegance, timelessness, and sophistication in her work. Even though she has an LLM degree from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, her passion and love for beauty has taken her far. Her art and aesthetic embrace the transformational potential of cosmetics, not just in terms of how people seem, but also in terms of how they feel.

She shared her knowledge with us. “One of the most popular social media identities, with a significant following, is beauty influencers and make-up artists. It’s not only about the number of followers; it’s also about the reach that social media affords makeup artists, as well as the opportunity to meet and convert potential customers. However, it is not as straightforward as it looks. You’ll need a strategy, time, and, most importantly, consistent efforts to reap the full benefits of social media for acquiring clients and building your business.”

Some of the tips she explained to us for acing this social media game were-

1.Plan your feed and imagine it also – It’s all about the look. And as a makeup artist, this is crucial to keep in mind. When someone clicks on your profile, the first thing they see is your feed. You may construct different patterns by posting photographs in a specific order.

2.Bring out your unique style – When a new user arrives on your page, the idea is to give them a reason to stay and follow/subscribe. Part of this will be determined by how you show your artwork, as well as the style and design of your company profile.

3.Quality is essential not quantity – Humans have a natural tendency to believe that the more employment you have on your internet portfolio, the better. This isn’t always the case. Although you must be active on social media and provide material on a regular basis, it is critical that the content highlights your job in the best possible light. It’s all about the quality!

4.Interact with your audience – If you are just posting your work and the audience or the followers out there have no involvement or a platform to interact then the whole purpose is destroyed. It’s essential to regularly involve and talk to them through various formats.

5.Consistency is the key – Maintaining a regular posting schedule is critical to your success. You may lose followers and attention if you offer outstanding material and then disappear for a few weeks. Nothing is more frustrating than putting in a lot of effort just to have it squandered due to inconsistency!

She concluded it by saying”Always be loyal to yourself and your passion. As a makeup artist, your objective should not just be to be brilliant at what you do, but also to develop long-lasting and meaningful connections with your customers.”

Nav Brar, one of Punjab’s top make-up artists, was drawn to the industry from the start, attracted by brushes and makeup tools and how they might improve someone’s attractiveness.

She is noted for creating unique appearances for each bride, using a particular makeup technique to complement the bride’s attributes. As well as with her immaculate makeup methods, she is well-known for the personal service she gives to her clientele. Nav assures that once a bride picks her, she has many prep sessions with her.

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