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Lip Tips From The Best: Nav Brar

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Great lips can set off your style, but what’s the best way to choose and apply lipstick or gloss? There are definitely a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to getting great looking lips. Nav has shared her secret and tips to achieve those perfectly looking lips. She thinks that what might look good on someone need not always look good on the other. People usually pick the wrong shade because of the lack of knowledge on colour theory and skin undertone. A wrong lip shade can make the face look pale or dull, hence selecting the right shade is essential. Especially when people choose to wear minimal makeup, they must choose the correct products.

Nav feels that it’s crucial to know your skin tone to do justice to any makeup product. If your skin tone is warm and you wear a cool undertone nude lip shade, it won’t blend with the skin, making the face look washed out and dull, hence the skin tone and lip colour undertone have to be in sync. Speaking of lipsticks, she talks about numerous textures – matte, creamy, glossy, satiny, velvet matte, powder and so on. Just like picking the right hue, picking the right texture is equally critical. This is because it gives you the freedom to pick a vibe for your look. Drab or fab – you decide. Nav says that all finishes look good so one can pick their preference, just assure that lips are well moisturized before applying any lip shade. If someone is very young a glossy finish will enhance their skin whereas a matte finish would make the face look a bit more mature. Nav suggests that someone with mature skin concerns like dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles should use something more hydrating satin or glossy on their lip as it will make the skin look more healthy and young.

She suggests that before applying your favourite lipstick, it’s very important to define the shape of your lips. And that can be done by using a good lip liner. A lip liner will not only define and reshape your lips but will also help you achieve a more defined, accurate and polished look. Choose the lip liner which matches the lipstick you decide to wear. Last but not least, use a small concealer brush and work on your edges to correct the shape of your lips. And if you want to give your lips that pouty look, you can add a hint of lip gloss.

So, now that you know how to apply lipstick perfectly, apply your favourite shade and splash some charming style.

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One Of A Kind In Her Region: Nav Brar

Outlook India:

Nav Brar is known to bring out the best in you depending on what suits your personality the best and gives you the most elegant and classy look to steal everybody’s attention.

Nav Brar has become a sensation in the realm of make-up artistry and has given a new direction to the budding artists moving in. With the growing boost in requests for her appointments, she was determined to make a team that can assist her to deal with more clients. In June 2019, she launched her make up studio and academy: Nav Brar Studios & Makeup Academy, in Chandigarh region. The studio comprises a devoted team of senior make-up artists and hairstylists. Nav despised refusing her clients due to her prior booking. But her clients were always adamant to get her appointment in one way or the other. Consequently, she agreed to come up with a studio so that she could attend to all her clients. Moreover, her studio’s primary emphasis is to have a perfect solution for those who like to hold it real yet glam.

After working all over India for a few years, Nav understood that there isn’t any organization that educates modern makeup mastery. She commenced her make-up academy for those who were inclined to take make-up as a career and learn from the best. Though there are many makeup academies the locality requires the ones that could extend proficiency in the modern worldwide trends and products. She initiated delivering intensive professional makeup courses with decent talents and openness to excellent learning. Her professional make-up course comprises a lesser batch where beginners get hands-on experience and get a chance of everyday practice sessions. She gives personal guidance to all her students and helps them start their careers in the same field. Nav Brar has successfully acquired a diploma in cosmetology.

Nav Brar is known to bring out the best in you depending on what suits your personality the best and gives you the most elegant and classy look to steal everybody’s attention. Her experience has made her stand out and excel at what she does as she understands the difference between her clients and how to transform them into beautiful brides. She’s got a huge name in the industry as she is renowned for being a dedicated professional and proved herself every time by giving a stunning makeover to celebrities, brides, and models. The makeup style that she goes for is usually elegant and classy with innovative ideas to make you get the perfect glow. Be it an engagement look or your wedding day – she will definitely make you look the best be it any occasion. Book your appointment with her and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Do and Don’ts while building up a professional makeup portfolio, By Celebrity makeup artist Nav Brar.

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Makeup artists pull out all the “best” in their customers’ cosmetics, turning wedding days and picture sessions into gorgeous occasions. While beauty retailers may count on a constant supply of customers, the beautician is self-employed.

To succeed as a makeup artist, you must master makeup methods, take on various makeup gigs and chances, keep up with the current makeup trends, and create a stunning makeup online portfolio website to promote your work and expertise.

While we recognise the value of a well-curated portfolio for a make-up artist, we reached out to Nav Brar, a celebrity make-up artist who is recognised for creating unique looks for each bride: Each time, a fresh cosmetic look was used to emphasise the bride’s looks. She is well-known for her impeccable makeup techniques as well as the personalised care she provides to her clients.

She shared with us that “The portfolio of a makeup artist should showcase your distinct style and enthusiasm as an artist, with diverse photographs depending on who and what you are presenting for. It should represent the technical aspects of your success as well as the basic abilities you have learned. You must also demonstrate your flexibility to the customer so that they would wish to invite you to future projects.”

Each professional in the creative area requires a portfolio to display their work. A portfolio is one of the most significant components of makeup artists’ careers since it allows them to showcase their work and gain new clients. Scroll down to learn the dos and don’ts of portfolio creation.


1.For the portfolio, only use client photos.
2.Keep the distinct appearances separate rather than mixing them up.
3.It’s crucial to get the appropriate angles and lighting for the photo you’re about to take.
4.Make an online version, as this is the current trend.
5. Plan an attractive layout for the page.
6. An Instagram account should be a must!


1.Do Not keep the organisation sloppy and over the top.
2. Do not add over edit pics- shouldn’t be too white and flat
3.Maintain the freshness of your portfolio. All of the photographs should be either classic or modern styles.
4.Never apply a filter on photographs you’ve taken.

Nav concluded by noting, “The first step in attracting paying clients is to build an excellent portfolio!” It won’t happen quickly, but practising often, showcasing your work, and sharing your interest with others is a terrific place to start. Your unique style and confidence will develop as your experience develops. Along the road, others will start to notice and support you!”

Nav Brar is a skilled makeup artist who has mastered the art of combining elegance, timelessness, and sophistication. Even though she has an LLM degree from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, her passion and love for beauty has taken her far. Her art and aesthetic embrace the transformational potential of cosmetics, not just in terms of how people seem, but also in terms of how they feel.

She even shared with us that Makeup causes both the user and the viewer to undergo a psychological alteration.She inspires people to recognise their own worth.Nav Brar’s work is unconstrained by standard materials, styles, or norms, instead employing a diverse variety of approaches to achieve novel results. She’s recognised for creating unique styles and finding the perfect cosmetics for each individual.