APN News:  Decoding the importance of having a skincare routine, shares Celebrity Makeup Artist Nav Brar
June 28, 2022

APN News:
Decoding the importance of having a skincare routine, shares Celebrity Makeup Artist Nav Brar

APN News: https://www.apnnews.com/decoding-the-importance-of-having-a-skincare-routine-shares-celebrity-makeup-artist-nav-brar/

Despite the fact that your skin is the greatest component in the body, many individuals neglect to care for it. Healthy skin is not only important for showing your body, but it also improves people’s health.

The skin is regularly exposed to sunlight and toxins from the environment. It’s impossible to reverse harm after it has been done. That is why maintaining a proper skin care regimen is crucial. The earlier they begin, the better; but, it is never too late to build good practices.

Since human skin is the biggest barrier against illness, proper skin care is essential. Scents or fragrances should be avoided in skin care products. Gentle soaps and moisturisers should be used on a daily basis.

After carefully reading and understanding about the importance of skincare in a person’s life, we researched about how proper and careful skin care should be done. For the same we approached a Celebrity and learned Makeup Artist Ms Navneet Brar famously known as Nav Brar.

She had a natural affinity for the field from the start. She began working as a part-time makeup artist in London while pursuing her LLM at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. This experience taught her a lot about herself and the direction she should take in life.

When she returned to India after earning a master’s degree in law, she launched an Instagram account to post photos of friends and relatives she had dressed up for various occasions.

Today, Nav Brar shares the correct way to take care of the skin which will benefit in getting the perfect makeup finish. She says “Skin care is just as vital as taking care of your other organs. However, having healthy skin needs regular upkeep in order for it to reach its full potential. When you’re a newborn, your skin is silky, smooth, and moist. However, as we get older, we get wrinkles, sun damage, sagging skin, and other issues. Correct skin care is necessary to help sluggish minimizing negative effects of time and the environment.”

It might be difficult to find a suitable regimen that suits your needs and skin type with the plethora of face creams, cleansers, exfoliants, lotions, and more. A decent routine should comprise the following items.

Understand your skin type – Knowing what sort of skin you have is the first step in creating the correct regimen. This is the start and guiding point.
Cleansing – Dying skin, contaminants, grease, debris, and germs may all be removed with this method. Sulfates, which may be stripping, should be avoided in cleansers. People should wash their face with cleanser, and it’s vital to choose a product designed for the face instead of whatever bar or body wash they have on hand.
Moisturizing – Moisturizers keep your skin nourished and smooth by preventing it from breaking out.The moisturizers work best when applied on semi wet skin. Creams, like cleansers, are good for the skin and should be applied every time you wash your face.
Using SPF or Sunscreen – Put sunscreen each day, even if it’s cloudy or chilly outside, and even if you’re wearing a hat. While the exposure is longer, apply within every 2-3 hours. Remember that your sunscreen shields you from both UVA and UVB radiation. Wrinkles, uneven skin tone, loss of firmness, and ageing symptoms are all caused by UV exposure.
Exfoliating – This is not a daily essential but it should be done atleast once a week.Exfoliation, which is used after cleansing but before moisturising, aids in the removal of flaky skin by promoting skin cell turnover. Although the advantages of exfoliating dead skin and accumulation for smoother skin and cleaner pores are true, most physicians will prefer chemical exfoliants over scrubs to avoid damaging your skin’s protective barrier.
Ms Brar even added , When it comes to skin care, you should consider your surroundings as well as your everyday health, such as nutrition, stress, and exercise. Even so, a skin care programme that includes a cleanser and moisturiser may go a long way.

We learned that she feels that the skin, being the most visible component of the face, deserves maximum care and scarcely any over-emphasis while reading about her style and methods. Her distinctive style’s ultimate objective is to appear nice, accentuating the person’s attributes and looking excellent with minimum effort.

She believes in highlighting the unique features of the person rather than concealing and changing it.. The goal is to draw attention to something rather than hide it! Her guiding principle is simple: appreciation for women’s attractiveness.

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