Deccan Herald: Never to miss the hot lip shades for this chilly winters by celebrity makeup artist Nav Brar
June 28, 2022

Deccan Herald:
Never to miss the hot lip shades for this chilly winters by celebrity makeup artist Nav Brar

Deccan Herald:
Winter is all about appearing rosy and fresh, and we all know that the correct shade of lipstick can completely transform your look and make your day! This winter, rich scarlets, deep reds, maroons, and creamy hot chocolate tones are in style.

It should go without saying that matching your cosmetic look to the season is always a good idea. Winter lipstick hues like brilliant reds and rich berries are perfect for the holidays.

We’re already looking forward to cosy sweaters and hot beverages, and the lip colours will be revamped as well. It’s time to say goodbye to the bright colours we’ve been wearing all summer and hello to the darker colours of autumn.

To get our perfect winter lipstick collection, we reached out to a renowned makeup artist Ms Nav Brar. She is a skilled makeup artist with a meaningful name, has united elegance, a feeling of timelessness, and refinement in her abilities.

Even though she has an LLM degree from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, her passion and love for beauty has taken her far. Her art and aesthetics embrace the transformational potential of cosmetics, not just in terms of how people seem but also in terms of how they feel.

Nav quotes, “Whether you’ve always loved swiping on a bold red lip for a night out, have always kept your go-to neutral buried at the bottom of your handbag, or have never used lipstick at all, 2021 is the year to embrace the beauty item for what it is: delightfully fun.” She shares with us an elaborative list of hues and shades for this fall season.

1. Brick Red – The basic and classic
2. Magnificent deep plum
3. Creamy nude
4. Soft matt deep red
5. Luscious coffee
6. Bold and bright pink
7. Befitting wine
8. Dazzler Burgundy

The one colour you must not use: Yes, orange conjures up images of autumn leaves, pumpkins, and warm knits. However, unless you’re attending a specific themed celebration, it’s probably better to avoid wearing a bright colour this season.

All of the tones below have been studied and mixed using correct guidance and trend checks, making them the greatest winter lipstick colours of 2021.

Nav showed us the best hues that will be popular this autumn season, and they will be seen a lot on the red carpet. Celebs, content producers, and weddings would look stunning in them at any event.

As we glance through her work, we understand her style and technique, which is unique and different from others. She feels that because the skin is the most visible part of the face, it demands the greatest care and attention. Her distinctive style’s ultimate objective is to appear nice, accentuating the person’s attributes and looking excellent with minimum effort.

Ms Brar believes in accentuating rather than concealing the beauty of a person’s face. The goal is to draw attention to something rather than hide it! Her guiding principle is simple: appreciation for women’s attractiveness.

To our surprises, we learned that she even has her make-up academy, which helps young girls to become independent and start their own identity with a skill. Her academy’s cosmetics and hair courses are directly overseen by her, and she has successfully achieved the correct balance of skincare and makeup.

Do check her out in live-action where she regularly interacts with her lovely audience